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EL DEHESON is located in El Jardín, in the famous partridge hunting area in Spain of LA MANCHA. The enormous beauty of its Mediterranean forest is the result of the conservation policy carried out for decades by the Barceló family, led by its founder D. Mariano Barceló.

La Finca El Dehesón has two elegant mansions, in the great tradition of Spanish country houses. One of the mansions is used by the owner’s family and the other is for the exclusive use of the clients. The mansion of the clients, has central heating and all the modern comforts with dining room, living rooms, games room, bars and 14 rooms with private bathroom in each of them.

All rooms have a wonderful view of the surrounding mountain range. The furniture and interior decoration have been taken care of in the smallest detail. All natural and pure environment where different animal species coexist in a unique habitat, highly pampered and cared for by the people in charge of the estate.