Located in the Sierra de Alcaraz (Castilla La Mancha) SPAIN


Finca El Dehesón is located in Spain, in the municipality of El Jardín (Albacete) in Castilla La Mancha, almost 1 hour from Albacete capital and less than 3 hours from Madrid or Alicante.

The airports of Alicante and Madrid are the reference at an international level to visit the Finca El Dehesón in Spain, accessing the final destination in less than 3 hours to enjoy unforgettable hunting days and in a pure and beautiful environment.

The fields of Castilla La Mancha in the Sierra de Alcaraz recreate an exceptional environment for the breeding and hunting of the Spanish Red Partridge. Well located and connected by land, the experience translates into an exciting journey to the Castilian nature of La Mancha.

COTO DE CAZACarretera de Übeda, Km. 303 – 02340 El Jardín (Albacete) Spain