Spanish red partridge hunting

From the beginning, the Barceló family has contributed to the breeding of the Red Partridge, being a reference at the national level.


The walking hunt is that type of hunting practiced by several hunters together, open in wing and at a distance approximately equidistant generally helped by dogs, in order to beat the field. Each hand is commonly composed of a game of between two and six hunters.

It is a very popular and widespread modality that is practiced for different species of small game and that gathers the incentives of being a team and dog hunting, which also requires a certain physical effort. When walking hunt, four or five people should be placed in line, at an approximate distance of 50 meters, so that there is enough space for the shot, and at the same time it is difficult for the hunting to “strain” between the spaces that leave the hunters.

The appropriate thing is usually to take a hill or hillside, and keep the person who goes higher up, because, usually the partridges that raise will go planning from the top down. A little patience and a good organization will lead to good hunting moments, once raised a side or several individuals.